Vigilant Justice

As he continues to protect his city as the world's only superhero, Vigilant learns the true meaning of being a hero.

Written & Directed by Ryan Sagun, releasing in 2023

A Film By Cool Jake

Cool Jake thinks he knows everything, but when he finds out there are forces even stronger than himself, he learns just how weird, wacky, and absurd the world around him truly is.

Written & Directed by Shawn Kosmakos, releasing in 2024

After gaining super powers through the most honorable means, Vigilant vows his life to protect his city and becomes the world's first superhero.

The heroic Captain Guy Wonderful teams up with an uneasy ally in order to stop the evil Doctor Weirdsmith from taking over the entire nearby area.

Meet Declan Legend: An aspiring filmmaker who has 48 hours to pass the Interdimensional Film Festival, or else he gets erased from existence. Can he do it?