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About our Company

Prominyo is an award winning, Bay-Area based, independent film production studio. Our studio specializes in long-form, narrative films, but we also offer a wide range of opportunities for passionate & talented short-form filmmakers. We always like to push ourselves to make the biggest and best movies we can!

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Blake Killion, Shawn Kosmakos, and Ryan Sagun at Bright Ideas Film Festival 2024

About Us

Prominyo was established in 2022 by Shawn Kosmakos alongside Blake Killion and Ryan Sagun. As college students, they had a passion for narrative storytelling through film and always sought out large & ambitious projects. The trio teamed up that summer for their feature debut "Vigilant Justice" and would find success in the world of independent filmmaking.

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Prominyo Filmmakers

Shawn Kosmakos

Shawn Kosmakos is a writer, director, and producer. He enjoys all parts of the filmmaking process, but primarily specializes in post-production. He started the media studio “Prominyo” which produces a variety of content surrounding their long-form narrative films. 

Blake Killion

Blake Michael Killion was homeschooled in Northern California and graduated to study film in 2021. Aside from his primary education, homeschooling allowed him to develop his creative side. He continues to hone his skills in illustration and narrative fiction writing alongside his filmmaking career. 

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Ryan Sagun

Ryan Sagun is an award-winning filmmaker. The young director won the “Best Super Short Film” award from Hollywood on the Tiber Film Awards in Italy for his short film Vigilant (2022). His work as producer on Chemistry (2023) was featured at Aspiring Minds Film Festival Spring 2022, where he earned the award for “Most Aspiring Filmmaker”. 

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