About our Company

Prominyo is an award winning, Bay-Area based, independent film production studio. Our studio specializes in long-form, narrative films, but we also offer a wide range of opportunities for passionate & talented short-form filmmakers. We always like to push ourselves to make the biggest and best movies we can! 

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Festivals & Awards

Aspiring Minds Film Festival 

Aspiring Filmmaker - Ryan Sagun, Blake Killion, Shawn Kosmakos

Best Screenplay - Declan's Legend (Shawn Kosmakos)

Best Comedic Performance - Captain Wonderful & the Evil, No-Good Plot of Doctor Weirdsmith (Blake Killion)

Official Selection - To Be Objectively Wrong, Captain Wonderful, Vigilant, Declan's Legend, MAPPING THE TERRITORY

Las Po Film Festival

Special Award in Filmmaking - Blake Killion

Achievement in Comedic Performance - Vigilant (Shawn Kosmakos)

Official Selection - These Little Antics, Vigilant

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